A few quick updates

FIRST UPDATE, of course, HAIR! 
A friend stopped by for a quick out door hello, and said my hair looked good.  I took a selfie.  Clearly he was describing volume not style.  

Sept 2020 hair


SECOND UPDATE, the cats.
Cleo and Merlin are fine!  They continue to mimic each other constantly, and most likely are UNAWARE of this behavior.  (They don’t even really like each other. )  They entertain and keep me busy every day, mostly with cat clean up.

Sept 2020 Cleo and Merlin


THIRD UPDATE, Dana Farber. 

Forgot to mention I had a visit two weeks ago … was so caught up writing about Plymouths and Gremlins.   
The DF visit was unremarkable.  Tumor markers were both up slightly (BOO).  Liver function number were both down slightly (YAY).  Aside from that, I’ve been feeling … well … crappy.   Since August I’ve gone off of three meds and started two new meds.  That’s a lot of chemistry for one body because these are not just vitamins and minerals.  One of the meds I stopped taking can can dizziness when it is stopped.  Another that I started can cause dizziness when taken.    …   I have been dizzy for way too long — vertigo, awful dizzy.  And my mood has not been great.  Looked up side effects of one of the new drugs, and:  mood changes, irritability. 

No picture for this the THIRD update, but if you look closely at the first pic you can definitely see some deep frown lines.    

5 Replies to “A few quick updates”

  1. I just keep plugging along, working on different things than med changes, but sometimes my stuff affects my mood too. And I would say Ditzy is more how I feel than Dizzy some of the time.

    But we are making incredible progress on the book launch, the website and lots of other fun things. On that front I am feeling like we are approaching as professional as we can get without being a large corporation. I will have more to update you in the coming weeks.

  2. First – You are seriously rocking that big hair.

    Second – The cats seem to really like the color red.

    Third – Not for nothing, but are you sure your being dizzy, cranky, etc. etc. are related to the 25 medications you’re stopping and starting and not just “that time of the month?” The symptoms sound suspiciously similar (not that I would know anymore). 😂😂

    1. Karen —
      1) Thanks! Feeling very 80’s.
      2) Red is their favorite color
      3) Hahaha, I am NOT that much younger than you, dear.

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